Generation 4
Louise (Hornung) and Raymond Croy
Golden Wedding Page 1
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Descriptions read Left to Right
 (1) 50th Anniversary Cake

 (2) Father Verhoff, Ray Croy, Louise (Hornung) Croy, Inez (Croy) Weis,
      Linus Weis, last 2 people unknown

 (3) 1st row: Dolores (Moening) Shafer, Earl & Helen (Unterbrink) Moening,
      Carl Shafer
 (3) 2nd row: unknown, unknown
 (4) Charles Karcher, Bertha (Yaufman) Karcher, Zella (Roof) Koehl,
 Elizabeth Harrinam

 (5) Audrey & Donna (Jackson) Croy, Ruth (Hazelton) Croy,
     Inez, (Croy) & Linus Weis

 (6) Hazel Gerard, Louise (Hornung) Croy, Adrian Gerard, Raymond Croy
 (7) Julie Selhorst, Harold Selhorst, John Yaufman, Urban Selhorst
 (8) 1st row: Ed Mershman, Neil Hornung
 (8) 2nd row: unknown

 (9) 1st row: Bill Johnson, Bob Croy
     remembering good times, because they had them.
 (9) 2nd row: Mary Lou (Croy) Johnson, Alice (Verhoff) Croy - Bob's Wife
     Bev Croy - Tom Croy's wife, Alberta (Hornung) Selhorst
 (9) 3rd row: unknown - boy washing glasses.

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Louise (Hornung) and Raymond Croy
Golden Wedding Page 1
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