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Early Restaurant History

 Maybe the first Croy to work at this location,
 Elsey Jane Croy, an aunt of Raymond and Paul Croy
 b. 07 Apr 1869 - d. 16 Jun 1896

 Taken from an unknown newspaper article:
 June 16, 1896
 "Last Saturday, Miss Croy, a cook in a restaurant at
 Ottawa, was fatally burned by a gasoline explosion.
 She was standing close by the stove when an
 attendant filled the tank without extinguishing the
 flame and the can exploded, throwing oil everywhere.
 She ran, a sheet of flame, to the street where the
 fire was extinguished, but too late. The flesh was
 burned from her limbs and she died in great agony
 Sunday morning. Miss Croy was probably 24 years
 old and a dwarf. Her remains were taken to McComb
 to the home of her parents. The last words she
 spoke she requested to be taken to her mother."

 Not a very well written report. They state a
 gasoline explosion and according to their
 description, it must have been a kerosene oil stove.
 (nobody cooked with gasoline, even in 1896) She
 actually, was 27 years old when she died. No family
 stories talk about her being a dwarf. She probably
 was small in stature. What that fact, if she was,
 has to do with such a horrific story, who knows.
 No mention of the restaurant name in Ottawa. The
 two early owners of the Croy restaurant in the Paul's
 Rex Theatre block are, Charles Ferrall, Star
 Restaurant, then Agner and Frantz Restaurant. Not
 able to find any dates with the two businesses.

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