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Rita Jane and Louise Croy ownership

Rita Jane Croy and Louise Croy Restaurant Days
No photographs are available of the time Rita Jane and Louise owned it. Not sure of the date Rita Jane Croy and her mother Louise Croy bought the restaurant. They ran it during the WW II years and sold it to Kathryn and Paul Croy in 1946
M.L. Johnson Memories - Late night Saturday closings After closing, we would clean up the place and the go to 5:00 a.m. Mass, which they had during the war so people working in Defense Plants could go to church. Both dad and Rita also worked at the Tank Depot in Lima, not sure of the timeframe. No Saturday evening masses back then. After mass, everyone, mom, dad and all who went to mass, would come home and sleep.
K. E. Croy Memories - WW II has ended I remember the day the war ended. Dad and I went to the restaurant to help out because they were so busy. I had never stayed up so late at night. Celebrating people would come in for something to eat and coffee. We sold everything in the restaurant. When some of the people found we had no more food or coffee, they asked for bread on a plate or crackers and would put ketchup or mustard on them and drink a glass of water. Mom offered to give them the bread and crackers, but they still left money. Everyone was so happy the war had ended..
In August, 1946, Rita Jane and Louise would sell the restaurant business to Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Paul Croy.
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