Construction of Highland Lanes
Plastic Products - Ottawa, Ohio 1947- 1968 owners: Vic and Larry Unterbrink
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Former location of Plastic Products 1951-1968
1959 - Plastic Products built the bowling lane portion of Highland Lanes. construction photos coming Larry Unterbrink drew the plans for the bowling part of the building. To get a clear span without a post in the middle, 12 lanes was the maximum you could span with a small walkway along each the side. RILCO heavy rafters, laminated and glued for a clear span, were used. They were placed 6 or 8 feet apart and tied together with wood cross members. Thus, the curved roof on Highland Lanes. In those days, if you wanted AMF or Brunswick machines, you bought the machines and they had to build the lanes and install the machines. Since Plastic Products was going to build the lanes, the machine were rented from AMF at a cost of 10 per game per lane.
This page background picture shows an example of bowling lane frames being constructed, but not Highland Lanes.

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