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MEMORIES The "Good Ole Days", when money was scarce and nobody knew what a credit card was!!

A.L. Laibe - July, 2012 1933?-1935?
I remember going to the Fair with my mom and my younger sister Rita, who was three years younger than I. Sometimes, but not always we had a dime each to spend. Rita, being younger, would want to spend her money quickly. I was very selective and would only spend a nickel in the morning and save a nickel for the afternoon. I liked to visit the area in the middle of the race track. In those days there were things to see and do in that area. I also liked to watch the horse races. It was fun to see around the whole Fair from in there.
I belonged to 4H. I am not sure what grade I was in when I was allowed to join. My 4H project was sewing. I started sewing potholders and other simple projects. As I got into high school, I made dresses. A brown dress I made took first prize at the County Fair. This qualified me to compete in the State 4H competition at Columbus, Ohio. I know I won a state award, but I am not sure what award it was. It is hard to see in my memory, with all the dust and cobwebs flying around that my baby brother has started up with all his questions.
M.L. Johnson - July, 2012 1935-1936
Did you go to the fair? I believe I would still like it in the fall, not so warm. It always gave one something to look forward to in the fall. I remember when I was little, mom and I walking to the fair, we would meet Aunt Alberta and Aunt Dale, I don't remember if they had kids with them or not. I remember the collapsable tin cup Mom kept on her person for a drink of water from the pump, not a drinking fountain. We would eat lunch with the aunts. We sat on the "running boards" on the car to eat our lunch. When you went to the rest room, you paid a Nickel to the attendant, (she wore a white uniform) she would give you toilet tissue and unlock the door if they had locks on the stalls. She also kept the restroom clean. We always visited the animals and all the 4-H booths. The quilts, produce, embroidery, etc. We always stopped on the way out of the Fair Grounds and bought Salt Water Taffy. I think it must have been moms favorite. I don't ever remember having much after getting home, and she always bought several pieces. When Uncle Art had his Foot Long Hot Dog Stand, after the fair, mom and dad always bought some left overs. We thought that was just so special. Hot dogs were good back then.
K.E. Croy - July, 2012 1940-1951
I remember what a treat it was for Aunt Dale and Uncle Ernie Yaufnman to pick us up at the Hornung family home on road M in their 1928 Chevrolet Two-Tone Blue 4 door sedan and take us to the County Fair. Most times we would meet some of mom's sisters at the fair. It was always a special treat to share the other aunt's cooking. If my memory serves me properely, nobody could match Aunt Dale's Little Gerkin home canned pickels. The whole family used her recipe. They still had "running boards" on the cars when I went to the Fair also. I also remember the collapsable tin cup Mom had. I was "always" thirsty, so I could use the tin cup. After we moved to town and I was old enough to go to the Fair by myself, I remember getting to help Uncle Art Croy at his Footlong Hotdog Stand (as long as I did not get in the way). It was a proud day when I earned "Fair Money" with my paper route. I paid my own cash for my Footlong Hotdog and for my Pineapple Custard or Pineapple Ice Cream cone. No one can help me remember the actual name of the treat, but it was Pineapple something. Amazing what 25 cents or even a whole dollar could buy you at the fair. During the early part of my time period, the dollar was good for maybe two days, if you were prudent.
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