BASE LINE ROAD 1835-1992

 This project was started too late to take
 advantage of the memories of the people involved.
 In fact, too few of us are available from the next
 generation to represent them properly. We will
 start with Eberhard and Theresa (Schierloh)
  Eberhard was born in Germany, arrived in the Port
 of New York on 24th November 1848 when he was
 thirteen years old with his mother, a sister, her
 future husband and three brothers. They went on to
 live in Cincinnati, Ohio. When he was 22, he found
 his way to Glandorf, Ohio where he met and later
 married Theresa Schierloh on the 15th of
 September 1857. They moved to Cincinnati to live.
 They had three children, Mary Ann, Catharine and
  John was not yet two years old when Eberhard died
 28th of March 1863. Eberhard, Eberhard's mother
 and several other Hornung family members died
 within a two week period. I was unable to
 determine the actual cause of death. Both Typhoid
 Fever and Cholera were abundant for a 2 or 3 three
 year period in Cincinnati at that time.  
  Sometime later, I am not sure of the date,
 Theresa and her three children moved back to
 Putnam county. In 1866 she married Franz
 Brockman. They were blessed with five children.

Eberhard & Theresa's Children are listed first, then Franz & Theresa's Children.
1. Mary Ann Hornung Born: 24 Oct 1857, Ohio Married: Died: unknown Burial: unknown I have no information other than her birth date.
2. Katharine Hornung Born: 5 Nov 1858, Cincinnati, Ohio Baptism: 14/Nov/1858, Old St. Mary's Catholic Church - Cincinnati, Ohio Married: 30/Aug/1881 1st husband: Frank Ellis Born: 30 Mar 1855, Died: 14 May 1913, Ottawa, Ohio
Children of Katherine (Hornung) & Frank Ellis:
Francis E. Ellis b. 07 Sep 1882 Katharine was married to Frank M. Ellis 30/Aug/1881 in St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Glandorf. At some time, Catharine and Frank were divorced. He is buried in the Pomeroy Cemetery, Ottawa, Ohio. Married: unknown 2nd husband: Albert Mininger Died: unknown Burial: unknown
Children of Katherine (Hornung)(Ellis) & Albert Meininger:
Julius Meininger b. Jun/1898 - d. unknown A family photo identified on the back as Katie Mininger, John Hornung's sister, indicates she remarried but no information has been found telling what happened to her.
When John was in his twenties, he found his way to New Bavaria, Ohio where he met Emma Marie Linden. John was twenty-two years old when he married Emma on 21/Aug/1884 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church - New Bavaria, Ohio. They were married by Fr. Joh. Ad. Michenfelder, Pastor. John Linden and Barbara Linden, brother and sister of the bride were witnesses. Their marriage was blessed with eleven children. 3. John Hornung Born: 3 Jun 1861, Cincinnati, Ohio Baptism: 16/Jun/1861, Old St. Mary's Catholic Church - Cincinnati, Ohio Married: 21, Aug. 1884 Emma Linden - Sacred Heart Catholic Church - New Bavaria, Ohio Died: 11 Nov 1938, Putnam Co., Ohio Funeral: 14 Oct 1938, St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church - Ottawa, Ohio Burial: 14 Oct 1938, St. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery
Children of John & Emma Hornung:
1. Frank A. Hornung b. 30/Sep/1884 - d. 20/Jan/1952
2. Mary A. Hornung b. 09/Mar/1887 - d. 03/Aug/1981
3. Julius Charles Hornung b. 19/Mar/1889 - d. 24/May/1947
4. Adelia M. Hornung b. 14/Jun/1890 - d. 01/Oct/1959
5. Cornelius Charles Hornung b. 18/Apr/1892 - d. 30/May/1978
6. Gertrude C. Hornung b. 13/Nov/1893 - d. 11/Jul/1958
7. Catharine Hornung - No Photo b. 24/Jul/1896 - d. 18/Jan/1899
8. Elizabeth Hornung b. 03/Jun/1897 - d. 31/Aug/1957
9. Louise Sophina Hornung b. 19/Oct/1900 - d. 12/Dec/1984
10. Alberta Margaret Ann Hornung b. 01/Apr/1904 - d. 16/Nov/1992
11. Richard John Hornung b. 17/Jun/1906 - d. 25/Jan/1988
Children of Franz & Theresa Brockman:
1. Amelia Brockman Born: 1867, Ohio Married: Died: unknown Burial: unknown
2. Mary Elizabeth Brockman
Born: 1869, Ohio Married: Died: 1943 Burial: unknown
3. Frank A. Brockman
Born: 1871, Ohio Married: Died: unknown Burial: unknown
4. Fredrick E. Brockman
Born: 1873, Ohio Married: Died: 05/Jun/1930 Burial: 1930, Saint Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery - Ottawa, Ohio
5. Adelia Brockman
Born: 07/Dec/1875, Ohio Married: Died: 15/Nov/1922 Burial: 1922, Saint Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery - Ottawa, Ohio

New England School House
Aunt Molly was asked to write down her memories of attending the New England School by someone doing an article about the school. The school was located at the corner of the Base Line Rd. (current County Rd. M) and (old) Route 65
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