Hornung Home Floor Plan 1940-1944

 Grandma Hornung's home: 1940-1942
 Below are representations of the 1941 - 1944
 1st and 2nd floor plans,
 as close as memory will allow:
Ground Floor: (click the floor plan to view larger) 1940's Hornung home 1st floor plan
There certainly were arm chairs in both the living room and the bedroom, but no image pops in mind. Number Descripions: Kitchen: (1) Pie Cupboard, (2) Small Table, (3) Pump Cabinet (A small hand pump was mounted on the Pump cabinet. It brought water from the cistern), (4) Dry Sink, (5) (Kerosene) Cook Stove, (6) (Wood or Coal) Cook Stove with water reservoir, (7) Kitchen Table, (8) Grandpa’s Rocker, (9) Grandma’s Rocker, (10) Sideboard cabinet, (11) Ice Box Front Hallway Entrance: (1) Sewing Machine, (2) Wall Coat Rack Living Room: (1) Library Table, (2) Radio, (3) Small Stand, (4) Heating Stove, (5) Couch, (6) Grandpa’s Role Top Desk. The location of chairs and other Items unknown. Grandma and Grandpa’s Bedroom: (1) Grandma and Grandpa’s Bed, (2) Dresser, (3) Stand with Water Bowl and Pitcher, (4) Chifferobe, (5) Commode
Upstairs Floor: (click the floor plan to view larger) 1940's Hornung home 2nd floor plan
Number Descripions: East Bedroom: (1) Double Bed, (2) Double Bed, (3) Dresser, (4) Wardrobe South West Bedroom: (1) Double Bed, (2) Double Bed North West Bedroom: (1) Vanity, (2) Double Bed

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