John Hornung Family Photo Story Book

The Beginning
The Brig Reform
The Hornung family departed Bremen, Germany in early 1848, sailing on the Brig Reform. Voyages at that time could take from three to six months. Ship size and weather conditions determined the length of the voyage. They arrived in New York Harbor 24th November 1848.

1st Generation - Hornung Family
Anna Hornung Anna's husbands name is unknown. He is not listed on the immigration record. He must have been deceased before they sailed.
Hornung family who boarded the Brig Reform in Bremen Germany in early 1848 (Exact departure date unknown). NAME Age SEX Occupation Anna Hornung 53 fem. not listed Johann Hornung 22 male farmer Barbara Hornung 25 fem. not listed Peter Hornung 20 male not listed Valentine Hornung 16 male not listed Eberhard Hornung 13 male not listed Johann Ruppel 24 male stone mason

Anna Catharina Hornung family continues to Cincinnati, Ohio.
They moved on to Cincinnati Ward 10, Hamilton, Ohio and took up residence. On 18 November 1849, Barbara married Johann Ruppel in Old St. Marys Church, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Hornung Family Burials
Yellow fever and cholera were among the causes of many deaths in the Hornung family (1863 - 1864) Those who died are buried in St. John Cemetery, St. Bernard, Hamilton County, Ohio The grave sites are owned by John (Johann) & Peter Hornung - section 6 lot 33 1.) Catharina Anna Hornung - 27 Jun 1863 - no Grave stone - Eberhard’s mother
2.) Eberhard Hornung - 28 Mar 1863 - no Grave stone
3.) 4.) 5.) - 3 Hornung children 26 - Apr 1863 - no Grave stones
6.) John Hornung - 27 Jun 1863 - Peter’s son
7.) Cecilia Hornung - 19 Mar 1864
8.) Joseph Hornung - 28 Mar 1863 - Section 1, Lot 47, Grave 2
9.) Katharina Hornung - 29 Jun 1863 - Section, Lot, grave - unknown

2nd Generation - HORNUNG FAMILY
Barbara (Hornung) Ruppel (1823 - 1886) Spouse Johann Ruppel (1825 - ( ) Johann Hornung (1827 - 1890) Spouse Maria Hofer (1829 - 1890) Peter Hornung (1829 - 1879) Spouse Dorothea Mueller (1829 - 1923) Valentine Hornung (1832 - 1854) Spouse – unknown Eberhard Hornung (1835 - 1863) Spouse - Theresa (Schierloh) Hornung (1836 - 1898) Sometime in early 1858, Eberhard , Theresa and Daughter moved to the Cincinnati, Ohio, (The exact date is not known) where Katharine, baptized Anna Marie Catharina was born on 14 November 1858 and John, baptized Johann, was born on 03 June 1862. Eberhard, his mother Anna and seven other members of the Hornung family died in 1863 & 1864. Shortly after Eberhard’s death, Theresa and her children moved back to Glandorf, Ohio.

3rd Generation - HORNUNG FAMILY
Children of Eberhard and Theresa (Schierloh) Hornung Mary Ann Hornung - no photo b. 24 Oct. 1857, Glandorf, Ohio d. unknown Spouse - unknown 2. Katharine Hornung - b. 14 Nov. 1858, Cincinnati, Ohio d. unknown (baptized Anna Marie Catharina Hornung) (The correct spelling of Katharine or Catharine’s name remains a mystery. It is spelled either way many times in different records. (They were baptized with the German spelling of their names)
Spouse - Francis Newton ELLIS - no photo b. 1855 d. 1913 (Divorced) Spouse - Albert Meininger - no photo b. 1859 d. unknown 3. John Hornung - b. 3 June 1862, Cincinnati, Oh. d. 11 October 1938 (baptized Johann Hornung)
Spouse: Emma Marie (Linden) Hornung - b. 1 Sept. 1864, New Bavaria, Oh. d. 6 Jan. 1953, Ottawa, Ohio

John Hornung Story
John was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 3, 1862, the third child of Eberhard and Theresa (Schierloh) Hornung. He had two sisters, Mary Ann Hornung (b. 24 Oct 1857 - d. unknown) Katharine Hornung (b. 14 Nov 1860 - d. unknown) John’s father died when he was less than one year old. Sometime time later he came with his mother and other members of his family to Putnam County. They located in Glandorf, Ohio where he made his home until his marriage. He was united in marriage to miss Anna (Emma) Linden at New Bavaria, Ohio on August 21, 1884. Eleven children were born to this marriage. For a large number of years John served as engineer of the Ottawa Municipal Light Plant and later held similar positions at the Ottawa Water Works Plant and at the Ohio Sugar Company. He also operated a plumbing shop in Ottawa for approximately ten years before moving to the country. John and Emma celebrated their fifty-fourth anniversary on August 21, 1938. John suffered a stroke of paralysis and died October 11, 1938 at Nine o’clock Sunday evening. He had been in failing health for more then a year due to a weakened heart condition.

Work Places
What a great museum the Water Works would have made. When it no longer functioned as the Water Works Plant, a majority vote decided to sell the “old equipment for scrap” over “keeping it for a museum”. In the park area, several animals were displayed in cages. It also had the coldest and best tasting drinking fountain inside the building. The building itself has been maintained very well and today, is home to the Ottawa Senior Center. The center includes an office, meeting room, and a kitchen. It may be rented for group sizes of 40 - 50 people. Great for family get-togethers. The park area is well maintained and in spring and summer is well used by visitors and hall renters.

Work Places
Water Works Plant - 1910 and 2010

4th Generation - Katharine (Hornung) Ellis Family
01. Cornelius H Ellis b. abt. 1887 d. unknown
Katharine (Hornung) (Ellis) Meininger
01. Julius Meininger b. unknown d. unknown

01. Frank A. Hornung (1884 - 1952) Spouse - Gertrude (Gorr) Hornung (1908 - 1987) 02. Mary A. (Hornung) (1887 - 1981) Spouse - William John Roof (1874 - 1937) 03. Julius Charles Hornung (1889 - 1947) Spouse - Elizabeth (Hotneier) Hornung (1881 - 1916) 04. Adelia M. (Hornung) Yaufman (1890 - 1959) Spouse - Ernest Yaufman (1880 - 1972) 05. Cornelius Charles Hornung (1892 - 1978) Spouse - Bertha (Epley) Hornung (1895 - 1925) Spouse - Shirley (Thomas) Hornung (Living) 06. Gertrude C. (Hornung) Tietz (1893 - 1958) Spouse - Fred W. Tietz (1889 - 1961) 07. Catharine Hornung (1896 - 1899) Infant Death 08. Elizabeth (Hornung) Moening (1897 - 1957) Spouse - Clarence H. Moening (1897 - 1972) 09. Louise Sophina (Hornung) Croy (1900 - 1984) Spouse - Arby Raymond Croy (1896 - 1984) 10. Alberta (Hornung) Selhorst (1904 - 1996) Spouse - Harry Selhorst (1904 - 1966) 11. Richard John Hornung (1906 - 1988) Spouse - Othelia (Stambaugh) (1910 - 1996)
4th Generation Katharine (Hornung) (Ellis) Meininger FAMILY Photo
no photo 1. Cornelius H Ellis
1. Julius Meininger

4th Generation John and Emma HORNUNG FAMILY Photo
1. Frank Hornung <> 2. Mary (Molly)(Hornung) Roof
3. Julius Charles Hornung
4. Adelia M. (Hornung) Yaufman
5. Cornelius Charles Hornung
6. Gertrude C. (Hornung) Tietz
7. Catharine Hornung
8. Elizabeth (Hornung) Moening
9. Louise (Hornung) Croy
10. Alberta (Hornung) Selhorst
11. Richard John Hornung

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Interesting Stories
As told by Ken Croy: Grandma and Grandpa Croy (my dad's parents) lived two farms down the road from My Grandma and Grandpa Hornung (my mothers parents). Great Grandma Croy (Mary Jane) lived with the Croys. My Uncle Paul Croy was best boyhood friends with my Uncle Richard Hornung. My Uncle Paul told me this story: "One day your Uncle Richard was playing at our house, saw my Grandma smoking her little clay pipe and made fun of her. I sent him home and we did not talk to each other for a long time. But we got over it and were best buddys again.”
Richard is on the left and Paul on the right in the photo. Well dressed young men. Both are to become successful businessmen. Richard with the Kroeger Company, an inventor (Brick Crete). Also a builder and property developer. Paul as owner of a Chicken and Eggs supplier business, which continued till several of his children retired having Chicken and Eggs supplier businesses of their own.

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