4th Generation Family Photos
John Hornung Family Picture Page 1
If you have information about these photos, please contact me. CLICK K C's E-Mail Descriptions of each photo are listed below photos. Descriptions read from Left to Right Click on photos to view larger.
Esther Hornung
Bing Finster, Marvella Unverferth, Louise (Hornung) Croy, Josephine Kemper, Oscar Finster
Fred Tietz, Esther Hornung, Niel Hornung
Louise (Hornung) Croy, Esther Hornung, dog unknown.
Alberta (Hornung) Selhorst, Raymond Croy, Louise (Hornung) Croy
Louise (Hornung) Croy, Alberta (Hornung) Selhorst
Emma (Linden) Hornung, unknown, John Hornung
Front Row: unknown, Richard Hornung, unknown, unknown Back Row: unknown, unknown, unknown, Emma (Linden) Hornung
Front Row: Ted Moening, Marietta Moening, Emma (Linden) Hornung Back Row: Elizabeth (Hornung) Moening, Delores Moening
Linus Weis, Louise (Hornung) Croy
unknown, Louise (Hornung) Croy. - Detroit, August 1920
Gertrude (Hornung) Teitz, Adele "Dale" (Hornung) Yaufman, Louise (Hornung) Croy
Inez (Croy) Weis, Louise (Hornung) Croy, Zella (Koehl) Roof
Louise (Hornung) Croy, Matilda Leichtler
Louise (Hornung) Croy, unknown
Adele "Dale" (Hornung) Yaufman, Louise (Hornung) Croy

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