4th & 5th Generation
4. Thomas Samuel Croy Picture Page

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Descriptions of each photo are listed below.
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Picture Row 1 (4th Generation)

(1) (2)

(Description of Picture Row 1 , left to right)
	(1) - Ruth (Hazelton) Croy
	(2) - Thomas Samuel Croy

Picture Row 1A (4th Generation)


(Description of Picture Row 1A , left to right)
	(1A) - Thomas Samuel & Ruth (Hazlton) Croy
	Wedding Photo
Thomas Samuel & Ruth (Hazelton)
Croy Children Photos

Picture Row 2 (5th Generation)

(1) (2) (3)

(Description of Picture Row 2 , left to right)
	(1) - Mary Ellen Croy
	(2) - Audry Lamar Croy
	(3) - Thomas Harold Croy
	(4) - Ida May Croy

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