Grandma Emma Hornung
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 Grandma Hornung enjoying her rocker in front of
 the kitchen window which looks onto the front porch.
 Photo supplied by granddaughter,
 Marilyn (Hornung) Turner
"Staying at Grandma Hornung's"
Marilyn (Hornung) Turney 1929-1939

 Grandma Hornung's home: 1929-1931

     My parents, Richard & Othelia (Stambaugh)
 Hornung, were married in 1928 & moved to Toledo
 OH where they both had jobs. They rented an
 apartment, bought furniture etc. Then the great
 depression hit & they lost everything. They
 moved back to Ottawa, moved in with John & Emma,
 my Grandpa and Grandma Hornung.

     My father got a job at the sugar beet factory.
 I was born in 1930 in my Grandmother’s bedroom. 
 We lived there about a year or so & of course I
 was too young to remember any of this. We moved
 to Fremont OH where my father worked for Kroger
 grocery, then to Tiffin, he became a manager &
 then to Findlay, OH.
 Grandma Hornung's home: 1936-1939

     I do remember visits at Grandma Hornung’s. I
 remember her beautiful & plentiful flowers,
 especially the round zinnia beds in the front
 yard. I remember being with her in her garden,
 her sun bonnet, big cabbages, delicious tomatoes
 which I loved, the smokehouse, the outhouse…being
 a “town” kid, I told all my friends that my
 Grandma had an outside bathroom!

    I don’t remember much about Grandpa Hornung
 except when he died. His body was in the parlor.
 The family was there & we kids were marched  past
 the casket. It made me sick and woozy and I ran
 outside and threw up under the apple tree. I had
 a “funeral phobia” for many years after that but
 eventually conquered it.

     I think I was about 6-8 years old when I visited.
 One time I was standing in the kitchen looking out
 the screen door, it was raining & suddenly a ball
 of fire rolled up the front yard & blew out the
 phone on the wall by the door! Someone must have
 grabbed me, I wasn’t hurt, but thought it was very

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