Mary Jane's Chance Encounter

      Mary Jane (Lape) Ramsey lived east of Findlay,
 Ohio, with her husband John, and her two sons,
 William and Albert. Sometimes she and her sons
 would take the train to Findlay to visit with her
 parents, Michael and Sarah (Darringer) Lape. On
 this trip, upon arriving at her parents home, she
 commented that a nice young man helped her off
 the train with her sons. The nice young man's
 name was Thomas Croy.
      In a few shorts years her husband John would
 pass  away. After her mourning time was complete,
 she was courted by that same nice young man,
 Thomas Croy who had helped her off the train
 several years earlier. They were married the 19th of 
 July, 1856.
     We, the descendants of Thomas And Mary Jane,
 owe our very existence to Thomas's act of kindness 
 and courtesy when he helped a young mother and
 her two small boys off a train.

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