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Lake Living Barbara (Thoma) and Kenneth Croy

CROY/THOMA 1967-____
Lake Freeman 1954-1968 The Thoma Lake Freeman story started in 1954. The Croy/Thoma story started in 1967. Click to view the Lake Freeman Story Page
Long Lake 1969-1972/73 Click to read: Long Lake Family Story
Lake George 1993-____ Click to read: Lake George Family Storys

CROY Family Stories
"Myrties Memories"
Myrtie is the daughter of Sarah Ann (Croy) Lovell. She hand-wrote this story in 1988 at the age of 94. Click TITLE to read:
Myrties Memories, Pages 1 - 30 Myrties Memories, Pages 31 - 60 Myrties Memories, Pages 61 - 83
"Mary Jane (Lape) Ramsey ... 1853" "Chance Encounter Lasting Impression"
Click TITLE to read:
Chance Encounter

"How our brother, Richard got the nickname "BING"
Click TITLE to read:
Richards Nickname

CROY Family Memories 1933-1951.
Click TITLE to read:
Early family trips to the County Fair.

Croy Family Memories
Click TITLE to read:
Staying at Grandma Hornung's M. L. Johnson 1940-1944

CROY Family Memories 1939-1951 WW Two and Early Post-War and The Restaurant Years
1. Click TITLE to read:
WW Two and Early Post-War A. L. Laibe: 1941-1952
2. Click TITLE to read:
WW Two and Early Post-War M. L. Johnson: 1939-1951
3. Click TITLE to read:
WW Two and Early Post-War K. E. Croy: 1939-1951
4. Click TITLE to read:
WW Two Rationing Program Information

Croy Family Stories Page
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